Tuck Everlasting Novel Study
Tuck Everlasting Novel Study
Tuck Everlasting Chapter Comprehension Questions
Tuck Everlasting Chapter Comprehension
Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary
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Tuck Everlasting Novel Study

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Save yourself hours of planning and grab this ready-to-use Tuck Everlasting novel study unit. Purposefully designed to be student-friendly, each day focuses on a single comprehension skill. This means they develop a true understanding of what the skill is and how to apply it. 

Stop overwhelming readers with countless chapter comprehension questions that only require them to regurgitate the text at a surface level, and get started really teaching with novels today!

You'll receive: 

  • Instructional planning guide
  • 3 paper-saving novel study trifolds - up to 15 instructional days
  • 3 weekly word of the day flip books for text-based vocabulary
  • Cut & paste comprehension prompts for interactive journals
  • Easy-to-follow directions for printing & prep
  • Trifold Answer keys

Reading Comprehension Skills Addressed: 

  • Summary
  • Analyzing Text

  • Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions
  • Analyzing Characters, Relationships, & Change over Time
  • Figurative Language - Metaphors & Symbolism
  • Vocabulary & Context Clues
  • Problem & Solution
  • And so much more!


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