The Sign of the Beaver Novel Study
The Sign of the Beaver
The Sign of the Beaver Vocabulary
The Sign of the Beaver Comprehension Prompts
The Sign of the Beaver Comprehension Questions
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The Sign of the Beaver Novel Study

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Now you can enjoy using the novel The Sign of the Beaver without overwhelming reluctant learners. 

This standards-aligned unit ensures your students build essential reading comprehension skills in a fun, approachable format that require long lists of daily chapter questions. Instead, your students will spend their time digging more deeply into the plot and examining the events of the story through the eyes of the characters and their own background experiences. 

Whether you're looking for a tool for your own child or your classroom of kiddos, you're sure to love this approachable novel study format and they're sure to love The Sign of the Beaver!

You'll receive: 

  • Instructional planning guide
  • 4 paper-saving novel study trifolds - up to 20 instructional days
  • 4 weekly word of the day flip books for text-based vocabulary
  • Cut & paste comprehension prompts for interactive journals
  • Easy-to follow directions for printing and prep
  • Trifold answer keys

Reading Comprehension Skills Addressed:

  •  Context Clues
  • Cause & Effect
  • Point of View
  • Character Traits & Change over Time
  • Text Analysis
  • Main Idea & Summarizing
  • and more!

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