The Castle in the Attic Novel Study
The Castle in the Attic Novel Study
The Castle in the Attic Novel Study
The Castle in the Attic Novel Study
The Castle in the Attic Novel Study
Differentiated Teaching with Rebecca Davies

The Castle in the Attic Novel Study

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This 3-week novel unit for The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop can save you hours of prep for your literature circles or book clubs. Daily comprehension practice requires students to focus on text analysis and responding to literature, and the vocabulary focus builds word knowledge and academic vocabulary.


This no-fluff novel study engages students, but it doesn't overwhelm your readers with countless chapter questions that just require them to regurgitate the text.


Standards-aligned & perfect for novel studies, small group book clubs or lit circles, independent reading, or as a way to monitor and teach during read aloud.


You'll receive:

• Instructional planning guide

• 3 paper-saving novel study trifolds -  color & blackline

• 3 weekly word of the day flip books for text-based vocabulary

• Cut & paste comprehension prompts for interactive journals

• Easy-to-follow directions for printing & prep

• Trifold Answer keys


Skills addressed:

✔Main Idea & Summary

✔Analyzing Text

✔Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions

✔Analyzing Characters, Relationships, & Change over Time

✔Vocabulary & Context Clues


And so much more!



Benefits of Trifolds over Traditional Novel Units:

❑ Foldable format provides novelty and encourages student engagement

❑ Daily comprehension focus builds reading comprehension skills vs. plot recall

❑ Less overwhelming to reluctant readers and writers

❑ Requires deep analysis and application of text-based knowledge

❑ Encourages discussion about skills & strategies



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