Small Steps Novel Study
Small Steps Novel Study
Small Steps Novel Study
Small Steps Novel Study

Small Steps Novel Study

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This Small Steps Novel Study includes comprehension questions, text-based vocabulary activities, graphic organizers, and more to help you provide students with a rich and engaging literature experience without overwhelming struggling learners. 


TEXT: Small Steps by Louis Sachar

LEVEL: 5th-7th

UNIT LENGTH: 5 weeks (25 lessons)

With this Small Steps Novel Unit, your students will get more out of reading and enjoy doing it! Standards-aligned practice includes comprehension activities and vocabulary building with a student-friendly trifold format that makes it easy to get started. 

Small Steps is such a great book for students to read and discuss, and this novel study pack has everything you need to make it an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

 Your download includes:

 Teacher's Guide - helpful tips, unit plan, key academic vocabulary, and answer keys to help you use this resource

 Daily Comprehension Question(s) - with each day focused on a standards-based comprehension skill (including commonly used graphic organizers)

 Vocabulary - a target vocabulary word from each day's reading for students to define and practice using in context

 Answer keys


Skills addressed:

✔ Summary

✔ Foreshadowing

✔ Inferring

✔ Context Clues

✔ Analyzing Characters & their Relationships

✔ Point of View

✔ Theme

✔ Cause & Effect

And so much more!


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