Ghost Novel Study
Ghost Novel Study
Ghost Novel Study
Ghost Novel Study

Ghost Novel Study

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Getting ready to teach a novel unit on Ghost by Jason Reynolds? All of the resources you need to teach this first book in the Track Series are included in this unique unit.

This novel study breaks Ghost into 15 approachable sections, allowing you to provide students with a rich and engaging literature experience that doesn't overwhelm struggling or reluctant learners. The Ghost Novel Study includes comprehension questions, text-based vocabulary activities, graphic organizers, and more.


UNIT TEXT: Ghost by Jason Reynolds

LEVEL: 5th-7th

UNIT LENGTH: 3 weeks (15 lessons)

With this Ghost Novel Unit, you'll have a new approach to your next book study. Your students will get more out of their reading experience and enjoy doing it too!

With all the standards-aligned practice, vocabulary building, and comprehension skills built into a student-friendly trifold format it's never been easier to use this National Book Award Finalist in your lesson plans.

This is such a great book for students to read and discuss, and this novel study pack has everything you need to make it an engaging and thought-provoking experience.


Your download includes:

 Teacher's Guide - helpful tips, unit plan, key academic vocabulary, and answer keys to help you use this resource

 Ghost Daily Comprehension Question(s) - with each day focused on a standards-based comprehension skill (including commonly used graphic organizers)

 Ghost Vocabulary- a target vocabulary word from each day's reading for students to define and practice using in context

 Answer keys


Skills addressed:

✔ Analyze Author's Craft - Hook

✔ Foreshadowing

✔ Inferring

✔ Cause & Effect

✔ Analyzing Characters & their Relationships

✔ Point of View

✔ Problem & Solution

✔ Text Quote Analysis

And so much more!


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