Crash Novel Study
Crash Novel Study
Crash Novel Study
Crash Novel Study
Crash Novel Study
Crash Novel Study
Crash Novel Study
Crash Novel Study
Crash Novel Study
Differentiated Teaching with Rebecca Davies

Crash Novel Study

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Getting ready to read Crash with your students? Don't rely on long lists of chapter comprehension questions to ensure your students understand the plot. Novel studies don't have to be boring! 

This Crash Novel Study isn't like your average novel study. You won't find tests or lists of chapter questions. Instead, this 25-day novel study focuses on building transferrable comprehension skills. 

With this ready-to-use format, your students will be building their reading skills and enjoying the story instead of spending hours responding to lists of surface level comprehension questions or taking multiple choice quizzes based on the book that you see in many traditional novel studies.

Each day's reading is purposefully paired with a single higher-level comprehension skill. Students combine their understanding of the text and their own thoughts to respond. 

This keeps kids eager to read and helps builds skills that carry with them beyond the book.

You'll receive: 

  • Instructional planning guide to make lesson planning fast & easy
  • 5 paper-saving novel study trifolds for students to record their responses
  • Cut & paste comprehension prompts aligned to the trifolds for reading journals or students who need special paper to write
  • 5 word of the day flip books to analyze & practice with text-based vocabulary
  • Easy-to follow directions for printing and prep
  • Trifold answer keys

Reading Comprehension Skills Addressed:

✔Main Idea & Summary

✔Analyzing & Responding to Text

✔Literary Elements - Foreshadowing & Flashback

✔Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions

✔Analyzing Characters, Relationships, & Change over Time

✔Figurative Language - Similes

✔Vocabulary & Context Clues

✔Cause & Effect

✔Problem & Solution

And so much more!


Benefits of Trifolds over Traditional Novel Units:

❑ Foldable format provides novelty and encourages student engagement

❑ Daily comprehension focus builds reading comprehension skills vs. plot recall

❑ Less overwhelming to reluctant readers and writers

❑ Requires deep analysis and application of text-based knowledge

❑ Encourages discussion about skills & strategies



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