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Comparing fractions Task Cards
Fraction task cards
Fraction Task Cards
Differentiated Fraction Task Cards
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Comparing Fractions Task Cards: Compare fractions with & without models

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tasComparing fractions can be a tough skill for fourth grade students. When students aren't provided with the visual model, it can be even more of a challenge, especially for students still grappling with basic fraction concepts. This engaging pack of task cards focuses comparing fractions with and without visual models.


Since there are two versions - multiple-choice and open-ended - in the set, it is easy to differentiate to meet the needs of all learners. These task cards are perfect for math stations/centers, small group RTI instruction, test prep and review, or as a class formative assessment.


Skills Addressed:

✔Comparing with like denominators

✔Comparing fractions with unlike denominators

✔Comparing fractions using visual models

✔Comparing fractions without visual models.


Product Contents:

⦁ 34 comparing fractions task cards - color and blackline

⦁ Student response sheet (2 versions)

⦁ Answer key

⦁ Teacher directions for prep & printable task card cover page


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