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Wonder Novel Study
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Wonder Novel Study

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Wonder is an amazing book that focuses on choosing kindness and accepting that we are all different and that is a good thing.

This Wonder Novel Study is easy-to-implement and will help your students focus on the story instead of spending hours responding to lists of comprehension questions or taking multiple choice quizzes based on the book because while this work may keep students busy, it doesn't build transferrable reading skills. 

In this 4-week Wonder novel study, each day's reading is purposefully paired with a core comprehension skill and students combine their understanding of the text and their own thoughts to a single question.

This keeps kids eager to read and helps builds skills that carry with them beyond the book.

Your download includes: 

  • Instructional planning guide
  • 4 paper-saving novel study trifolds - up to 20 instructional days
  • 4 weekly word of the day flip books for text-based vocabulary
  • Cut & paste comprehension prompts for interactive journals
  • Easy-to follow directions for printing and prep
  • Trifold answer keys
  • Vocabulary word wall cards
  • BONUS: Reading journal mini-projects for enrichment

Reading Comprehension Skills Addressed:

  • Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
  • Problem & Solution
  • Cause & Effect
  • Analyzing Characters, Text, and Settings
  • Inferring & Drawing Conclusions
  • Point of View
  • Main Idea & Summary
  • And so much more!

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