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Perimeter & Area Sort and Match

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These simple area and perimeter activities are designed to engage students in thinking about math by having them apply their understanding of area and perimeter to identify four matching cards. A great hands-on alternative to the perimeter and area worksheets, this set can be used as a game or printed and glued onto construction paper as a sort.

Ideal for small group re-teach or as a formative assessment tool, this fun math activity is a great fit for your third or fourth-grade classroom.

With two versions included for easy differentiation, this can even be used as a whole class partner task or in a math center.

Skills addressed:
✔Calculating area of regular quadrilaterals
✔Calculating perimeter of regular quadrilaterals
✔Generating equations to represent area and perimeter of regular shapes
✔Applying the attributes of geometric figures to identify missing side length

You'll receive: 
• Teacher directions for preparation and use
• 1 set of 16 basic matching cards (creates four sets of 4-card matches)
• 1 set of 16 advanced matching cards (creates four sets of 4-card matches)
• Originals can be kept to use as an easy answer key

Grab this great resource now or learn more ways to teach and assess area and perimeter.

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