Bob Digital Novel Study
Bob Digital Novel Study
Bob Digital Novel Study
Bob Digital Novel Study
Bob Digital Novel Study
Differentiated Teaching with Rebecca Davies

Bob Digital Novel Study

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This 10-day digital novel unit for Bob by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead is perfect for home learning or as a way to monitor learning during in-class literature circles or book clubs.

Daily comprehension practice requires students to focus on text analysis and responding to literature, and the vocabulary focus builds word knowledge and academic vocabulary. The best part is that your students can complete their responses on Google Slides to save paper and time.

This no-fluff Bob digital novel study engages students, but it doesn't overwhelm your readers with countless chapter questions that just require them to regurgitate the text.

Standards-aligned & perfect for novel studies, small group book clubs or lit circles, homework, or independent reading.


Product Contents:

• Digital novel study teacher's guide

• 10 Digital student response sheets in Google Slides - perfect for the digital classroom

• Answer keys


Skills addressed:

✔Analyzing Text & Responding to Literature

✔Cause & Effect

✔Analyzing Character Relationships

✔Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions

✔Point of View

✔Responding to Literature

And so much more!



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